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Make your memories last a lifetime, guaranteed.

We use liquified silicone (D5) to ensure that your garments are cleaner & last longer than any other dry cleaner in the Tampa Bay market.

Tampa, FL Wedding Gown Preservation & Cleaning

There are very few items that have as much sentimental value as a wedding dress. Whether yours has been passed down for generations, or you hope to preserve yours for your children, your wedding gown carries a lot of importance. That’s why at Sage Cleaners we commit to being the best wedding gown cleaning service in the Tampa Bay area.

What Makes Wedding Gown Cleaning Unique?

To begin the process, we inspect the items for any stains or blemishes in the dress from stains such as red wine or other stains that yellow as they age. After all spots have been removed, we then reinforce the gown by repairing any weakened seams & reattaching any sequins or items that may have fallen off to make sure your dress looks as good as new.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Process

Our process isn’t simply cleaning the wedding dress & putting it into a fancy box. Every wedding dress is unique, so we take a customized approach to every gown that we preserve. We start with a customized mix of dry cleaning & wet cleaning based on the dress using our environmentally friendly cleaning agents. These cleaners help your dress look better than new by preventing fading & maintaining the bright colors of your wedding dress.

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