Dry-cleaning is the process of using a solvent in lieu of water to remove dirt and stains from clothing.

The term “dry-cleaning” can be a little confusing. it is called dry-cleaning because it contains virtually no water.  The solvent gently runs across the clothing to clean it, whereas water passes through the fibers to clean clothes.

Dry-cleaning is perfect for being able to remove really tough grease and oil stains as well as very delicate clothes that can’t handle water passing through the fibers aggressively.

The first step in our dry cleaning process is to pre-treat all spots and stains.  We utilize over a dozen specialty chemicals that are all designed to remove the exact stain or soil in your garments.  We then load all of our garments into our dry cleaning machines, which can handle up to 80lbs of garments in one run.  It produces a similar action that traditional washing machines use to loosen dirt from your garments.The garments are also dried in that same machine so that all of the solvent is removed from your clothes before leaving the machine.

One unique thing about dry cleaning is that the solvent is actually filtered and reused over and over again, compared to wet-cleaning, where you use new chemicals with every cleaning.


Wet-cleaning is a process that we that is very similar to how you wash clothes at home.  The main difference is that we utilize specialized washing machines & chemicals that allow us to clean sensitive garments (i.e. wool, linen, rayon, silk) without damaging the items.  This allows us to clean garments that have deep stains or soiling that normally would need to be dry cleaned.  Once the items are washed, we use specialty dryers that have moisture sensors to ensure that each of these sensitive garments aren’t over-dried or shrink in the process.


Our professional laundering service is used on Men’s button-up shirts and a few other washable items.  We utilize a combination of specialized detergents, degreasing agents, collar cleaners, and softeners to get your clothes looking their best.  Your collars come out looking cleaner and our professional pressing ensures that you have the professional appearance you are looking for.

Everything we do is to ensure that you keep looking your best.  Whether it is our drapery cleaning, rug cleaning, shirt laundering, or anything else.  Reach out to us and we will do everything we can to take care of your cleaning needs!