We always recommend using garment care professionals to remove stains. However, sometimes removing a stain timely is the key to keeping your shirt stain-free. One of the best-known home stain removers is club soda. Our friends at the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute recently conducted a test. We decided to find out ourselves how great of a stain remover club soda could actually be and if it could replace the more complicated stain removal processes that are done by our dry cleaning process.

The Stain Removal Test

For our test, we used five different food stains and tried to cleaned each of them three ways:

  1. Using Regular Water
  2. Using Club Soda
  3. Using our Dry Cleaning Process

We analyzed each of the stains using just our eyes after cleaning as well as viewing the garments under a UV light. This allows us to see if there were actually permanent stains in the garment that will show later.

Club Soda vs. Regular Water

There really wasn’t a major difference between using club soda and regular water in the test. Both methods were somewhat effective in removing stains. However, after viewing them under a UV light, both methods left traces in the garment that set in after drying.

Timing Was Key

If the stain wasn’t washed out before drying, both club soda and water were extremely ineffective in removing the stain. However, most if not all of the stains were removed in instances where the stain was washed out,. This is why it is critical to get your clothes to your cleaner as quickly as possible. Our free pickup & delivery pick up and return your garments within 48 hours.

Our Stain Takeaways

Our takeaway was that it is definitely best to do everything you can to remove the stain upon it immediately happening but to ensure that it doesn’t come back after a few washes, be sure to bring it to a dry cleaner like Sage Cleaners. Point out the spot where the stain occurred and have them professionally remove the stain so that you don’t have to worry about it coming back.