As a laundry care professional, we know there’s a lot of things to keep up with as it relates to stains. Keeping up with the hundreds of stain removal tips our parents taught out years or decades ago can be overwhelming, so we at Sage Cleaners created a comprehensive stain removal guide for anyone to reference just in case it takes more than a day or so to get that garment to us to be professionally cleaned.

Food Stains
Berries Chocolate Gum
Ice Cream Ketchup Mayonnaise
Drink Stains
Apple Juice Beer Champagne
Coffee Grape Juice Kool AId
Lemon Juice Lime Juice Orange Juice
Red Wine White Wine Team
Oil Stains
Cooking Oil Oil-based Paint
Bodily Fluid Stains
Blood Feces Sweat
Urine Vomit
Plant/Makeup Stains
Grass Nail Polish Mud