1. Your Going to Forget It


Did you know that the average dry cleaning order sits at the store for over 10 days?  Despite our best intentions, our clothes end up sitting on a conveyor until we’re wearing that last shirt for the second day in a row.

2. They’re Just Not That Into You

iStock-1158333669One big secret dry cleaners don’t mention to their customers is that it takes just as much effort to deliver that order to their store as it does to your home.  By electing to use the dry cleaner’s pickup & delivery service, your cutting out the middle man and receiving your clothes directly from the cleaning facility.  This means your clothes will move less and get to your home in less time.  Sage Cleaner’s delivery service provides a return time of as little as 24 hours.

3. Picking Up Your Clothes is Keeping you from Happy Hour

iStock-615833974Almost everyone picks up their dry cleaning on the way home from work, but some of the best food and drink specials can be found at this exact same time.  Whether it’s grabbing a discount drink from Cooper’s Hawk or hanging out near the water at Armature Works, there’s better things to be doing than waiting in line to pick up your clothes.

4. You’ll Get Extra Time in Bed

iStock-1125892547This one is a really simple option.  Deal with your laundry or stay in bed for another 15 minutes?  Our pickup and delivery orders are placed by sending a text, which takes about 10 seconds.  Take that extra 14 minutes and 50 seconds and enjoy some extra time with your pillow.

5. More Family Time With the Kids

iStock-1171345492Families and parents of small children are one of our biggest fans of our pickup and delivery service.  There’s tons of reasons for a busy family to love it.  There’s no need to leave your kids in the car.  You don’t have to endure 10 minutes of screaming because your kids aren’t going to Publix to get a cookie, and you can save that time to do some arts and crafts with the kids.  Let us lend you a hand and bring your laundry back to you.